MESSAGE – International Journalism Magazine



To be a journal that explains journalism and journalists, which tells the stories behind the stories, which puts all the difficult questions of the profession on the table and discusses them openly – that is what the international magazine/platform MESSAGE wanted and wants.

I was fortunate enough to work on this courageous project for more than ten years, first as editor, later as editor-in-chief and since 2010 as co-editor, together with a dedicated team of permanent and freelance employees, first in Leipzig and later in Hamburg in collaboration with co-editor Volker Lilienthal. 

Visitors to the MESSAGE website and archive can get an idea of the delicate issues Message has been dealing with since its establishment in 1999. It revealed how editors block issues, how international war propaganda is staged, and how mercilessly critical journalists and whistleblowers get silenced.

There you will find also reports of excellent investigations that Swedish, Russian, American, German or Turkish colleagues accomplished with a lot of hard work and risk. Message also discusses and analyzes media concentration, language decline and ethical foundations of the profession.

All of the contributions are intended to help dedicated journalists to maintain a clear understanding of their profession, of the role in society in the rapidly developing media world. At the same time, MESSAGE has always seen and sees itself as a hinge between journalistic practice and media research – two perspectives that are not always easy to bring together, as both sides are sometimes blocked by countless prejudices.

Over the years, over a thousand dedicated and recognized authors from all over the world have written and researched for MESSAGE.

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