Courses and Lectures



Methods of Empirical Social Research (qualitative and quantitative)

Methodological Journalistic Investigations

International Research Cooperations – Developments, Organizations and Case Studies


Management / Digitalization / New Media

New Media Journalism

The Future of Journalism

Editorial Decision Making


Foreign Reporting / Globalization / Correspondents / Stereotypes

Foreign Reporting in Transition

International Media System in Transition

The “Third World” in the Mass Media

The Africa Bias of Mass Media

European Journalism – Actors, Structures and Perspectives

Narration / Feature / Portrait

Powers and Limits of Journalistic Narration

Feature Workshop

How was it back then? – Tell me! Autobiographical Narration and Writing


Project Seminars

Foreign Correspondents and Propaganda in the Cold War

What did Great-Grandfather do during the Second World War? – Research Trips in trans-generational Family Stories

Risky investigations? A seminar on the Topic of Right-Wing Extremism

MESSAGE – Market Analyzes and Relaunch